HEDIS Review & other Data Abstraction Projects

HEDIS Accuracy with our Top HEDIS Nurses!

PSN's focus on managed care offers clients an outstanding network of nurses (primarily registered nurses) qualified for medical chart review and data abstraction activities. Our nurses have completed HEDIS for health plans, mortality studies and billing reviews for hospitals, and state audits of childhood health screenings for Medicaid programs (EPSDT), to name just a few. 

And, if HEDIS (Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set) Reviews are in your future, we can staff your project! Over the years, PSN nurses have visited countless providers to locate needed medical record details and recorded data on paper or laptop. Today, we also provide nurses working remotely or in health plan offices.

We use our database of more than 4,000 nurses and recruit additional nurses as needed for these temporary HEDIS and other data abstraction assignments. Our nurses boast top accuracy in their reviews and we will meet your deadline for data collection every time.


Case In Point: 

In 2016 a new client contacted PSN for help with low performance on their annual HEDIS reviews. We suggested the use of nurses for the reviews instead of other licensed professionals used in the past (e.g. RHITs). As the client had an on-site retrieval team and a sophisticated, encrypted software program already in place, we further suggested allowing the nurses to perform the reviews remotely, working directly with the retrieval team. 

Working closely with our client on hourly rates, it was determined by PSN that the client’s standard vendor and reviewer incentive was not necessary, as we knew the use of RNs and LPNs our nurses would increase efficiency and quality, delivering the desired results within the pre-determined required time frame provided. PSN felt that the use of incentives could lead to a higher error rate due to the speed required to meet the incentive. 

PSN hired nine (9) nurses from different geographical areas, who worked closely with our client’s team to successfully and satisfactorily perform 25,000+ reviews in a four-month time frame. Our PSN Nurses exceeded the client’s expectations, saving them several thousand dollars in office space rental and incentive bonuses, and have already been asked to return for HEDIS 2018.


Our highly experienced nurses love HEDIS and other data abstraction projects. We think you'll love the work they do!

For additional information regarding our medical staffing agency which includes help with HEDIS and other data abstraction services, please contact us. We look forward to providing you with outstanding nurses for your project!


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