Please take a look at some of the Registered Nurse candidates available to help you immediately:


Baltimore / Glen Burnie area:

Nurse “D1”, RN – Registered Nurse with 15+ years of experience in Managed Care to include utilization review, case management, disease management and telephone triage. “D1” is proficient in the use of InterQual criteria. “D1” is available immediately.


DC / Northern VA:

Nurse “D2”, BSN, RN – Registered Nurse with 22+ years of experience as a Program Manager and Director of Government Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment. Most recently Nurse “D2” has assessed, monitored, and followed the medical care and treatment services for persons living in the DC community. 


DC / Northern VA:

Nurse “K”, MBA, RN – Registered Nurse with 5+ years in utilization management to include implementation of utilization management for a managed care provider in Alaska. Additionally, Nurse “K” has assisted with the implementation of Electronic Medical Record systems. Nurse “K”’s well versed in the use of both InterQual and Milliman criteria. Nurse “K” is available beginning in mid to late August.



Nurse “N”, MSN, RN – Registered Nurse with utilization review experience in acute, sub-acute and long-term care settings. Nurse “N” is well versed in the use of InterQual criteria. Additionally, Nurse “N” has several years of experience as a community health nurse in the DC area.



Nurse “T”, MSN, RN – Registered Nurse with 11+ years of experience in utilization review and case management in an acute setting, as well as disease management. Nurse “T” is proficient in the use of InterQual and Milliman criteria. Nurse “T” was previously a clinical coordinator in a transplant unit. Nurse “T” is available during the month of August.


Frederick/Baltimore area:

Nurse “M" - Quality Review RN: Melanie is an experienced nurse with 30+ years of experience. Nurse “M"  has been performing quality review for PSN since 2014. She is well versed in various types of medical record review , including annual projects such as HEDIS and EPSDT. Nurse “M"  is available for in-office and/or remote work for 16 hours per week through the remainder of 2017.


If you are interested in any of these Registered Nurses, please contact, Rhonda Whiteis, Manager of Human Resources at 301-460-4089, ext. 201 or [email protected].

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